I agree with Chupie I wouldn't change my gym routine unless you think you'll like your new routine better.

I do only weights now and find that I don't sweat that much... as much as doing cardio anyway.

It's curious you don't get frizz in humidity and I'm wondering if you have coarse hair. Mine is fine and turns into a "billowy cloud" in humidity. I hate it.
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It does get frizzy sometimes when its humid. .usually if its a sudden change in climate, but living somewhere that humid or spending at least a few days there it seems my hair just gets used to it or something, I don't know. And even when it does look a bit frizzy, smoothing wet hands over the hair usually tames it for a while. My hair isn't coarse, I think its mostly medium, a few fine hairs in there, but they are hard to find.

I think thought that my hair isn't ever exempt from the "billowy cloud" you refer to. That "cloud" is what gives it the body I was praising before. Maybe cause my hair isn't fine enough to really go all cloudy on me, haha, but just enough? The under layers get poofy but the canopy stays mostly in control and covers up the mess below or something like that. oh well, anyway, I think Ive probably well overdone the subject of my hair here. lol. Thanks for all the advice. Im still undecided about the gym, but my bigger concern is wet hair all day when it gets longer. I can't have long hair and be a daily washer or CO washer at the same time. Ill have to work something out.