Years after the original post, if someone's still looking:

I just got my hair cut (drastically, I dropped from mid-back to above the shoulder) by a wonderful lady at the Hair Co-op on Bank Street. It's looking great, and she's great at taking terrible, uncertain descriptions and making them work. And it's fairly cheap, too - I mean, at $40 a cut, there's nothing to complain about.

The only thing is, if anyone's looking at this, since the place works as a co-op, every stylist is separate. You have to ask specifically for her, or else you might end up with that one woman with something around 10 negative reviews. So if you're still looking for a reasonably-priced curly cut, call the hair co-op and ask for Caroline. My jewfro 2b hair is looking beautiful thanks to her.
2b-ish, depending on the day. Occasional forays into 3b territory.

Gave up on shampoo a while ago except for the biggest of messes (try cadet buns, those things don't come out if you do them right.)

Conditioner: Matrix Total Results Curl. My mum bought it once on one of her 'we might as well try' trips and I've found it's beautiful.

Canadian Curly. Unfortunately. I swear, there is no good season for curlies here. 1/2 of the year it's winter, then the other half it's humid. Yay.