Hey Friends!

So, I'm wanting to start the CG method. I have a combo of 2C/3A hair and I just want to make sure I have this right.

So, In order to start- I need to clarify with a sulfate shampoo and then get rid of my styling products with silicones in them. Then, I can either use a no-poo or a Co-Wash conditioner for my scalp.

Do I need another conditioner for the length of my hair? Do people recommend leave-ins or rinse out conditioners? And then I also need a good gel and deep conditioner?

Also, is it recommended to get a haircut first to clean things up before starting, as well?

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As far as the sulfate shampoo you start with, make sure it doesn't have any silicones in it. Shampoos sneak cones in sometimes.
I'm not sure what others would think, but I'd really recommend keeping things simple to start with. A lighter conditioner for washing is what seems to work for most, and you can follow with a heavier one if your hair is particularly dry. Then you can use either a leave in conditioner, or try just a bit of your rinse out conditioner. Then you can try using a gel or some other styler if you like, you may have to experiment a little to see which styler and styling technique your hair prefers.
That might not seem so simple, but I think it's a good foundation. If you try this while adding in all kinds of extra treatments and the like, you'll have a hard time knowing which things your hair responds well to and which things it hates.
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