I was dreading using these substitutes for a long time but I knew I needed to clarify at some point and did want to go back to the sulfate shampoos or try to find a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo.

Finally gave it a try last week and my hair actually like it. I do have to get my ratios down but I liked the results. I used the baking soda mixture only on my scalp and made sure I rinsed each section after application. I rinsed my whole head again really well before rinsing with the ACV mixture: I didn't want my hair going all Mount Vesuvius, lol. I deep conditioned afterward and continued with my normal routine.

I don't plan on doing the BS/ACV often; maybe once a season or something. But like someone else said, not everything works for everyone. But then again it could be the concentrations and how often it's done
3B--low porosity--high density--fine/medium
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