this is a little old, but why not collect some new information about German products? I haven't used sulfates or silicones in years but it's really not easy here. I have 3b/3c hair, low porosity but other than that pretty medium density and width. I just cut (and layered a tad bit!) my own hair to about shoulder length.

The products I use are

Shampoo: Yalia Shampoo (Denn's Biosupermarkt) Bambus und Lotusblüte. this does have some drying alcohols in it, but I don't use much and not very often so it is good for now. And of course I use a conditioner afterwards. But I want to switch to the (new?) seba-med daily shampoo. Have you guys tried it?

I usually co-wash with Balea Spülung (mostly the Feuchtigkeitsspülung). I have not found an ideal co-wash product yet. The Balea ones also have some drying alcohols (isopropyl) in it but no protein as far as I can tell. And I am a little sensitive to proteins as I recently found out so I don't want to use them too much. For those who need protein, I would recommend aiko Repair Spülung by Müller Drogeriemarkt.
What is reaaaally important for my co-wash product is the price. I do wash my hair every or every other day. I tried lasting it longer but it is not working for me. I touch it too much, the wind, I work out etc. Maybe I don't care enough (even though I do use a satin pillow case)

I do order products online (Curly Chocolate, iherb.com, Locken-Idol) but I refuse ordering something that will only last me two weeks.

For a rinse-out conditioner, I used to use Alverde Glanzspülung, but yet again: drying alcohol. So I just started trying Garnier natural beauty Vanillemilch und Papayamark which I like. Protein-free, alcohol-free, but some ingredients puzzle me, I just don't know what they are... But I just ordered an American conditioner online because I want to try some things out.

From time to time I use a protein-enriched conditioner such as the Aubrey Organis one (GBP), which I ordered on iherb (Warning: I had to pick it up at the customs office... :/)

For my leave-in, I use my most expensive product, Kinky Curly Knot Today. It is the first "actual" leave-in I tried so I can't compare it yet, but it has lasted me sooo long and it is nice. But not really moisturizing so when I use it up I will probably switch.

Styling: this is my main problem. I used gels with alcohols (Wella shock waves, alverde) for way too long and now I am trying the Gard Forming Fluid and Gard Styling Gel but I am not sure about them yet. I might actually give in and order the Shea Moisture stuff online... I have a curls cream (from iherb as well) which I use from time to time but it has proteins in it. I might try switching back to alverde or a L'Oreal studio line gel, too.

Oh and I use coconut oil on my ends and a little on the rest of my hair after my leave-in. My hair does not like too much of it though.

After styling (raking, scrunching and just a little of defining) I scrunch with a microfiber towel and put my hair up in a big T-Shirt turban. After taking it out, I let it sit for 30 minutes or so. I usually diffuse for just a few minutes to speed up drying but too much is frizzing my hair out. I let air dry (yep, it takes forever, thanks low porosity hair). But I don't mind...

I am thinking that my hair gets frizzy and dry so easily because I used too much protein until recently and because Germany is keeping me from all the amazing hair products Have you found some amazing things here? It neeeeds moisture!

Sorry für den langen Post, liebe Grüße!