Okay, being that it's mid April and it just SNOWED here the other day, I can't stand to hear someone say they hate summer! It has been dark, gray, rainy, and cold for a week - so I would change climates with you in a SECOND!!

But just as a suggestion, my mom lives in Orlando, and she swears by Curlkeeper. She says that she hasn't used anything else that has worked so well, and no matter what she gets consistent results with it.

Good luck!!
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The weather is crazy all around lately. I'm near Orlando, too, and, wouldn't you know, 2 humidity-free days in a row! But I tried CK a couple of years ago-my hair HATED it. Stringy, flat, producty-and I experimented w/amounts-using very little at one point. I thought that would be just what I needed...so disappointing . I'm having much better luck with RR & CC.