Hello mglocke,
Iīm from Belgium but as I do most of my hair shopping in Germany I might have some ideas for you.

Shampoo: donīt use it. I sometimes wash my scalp with Penaten Babywash or hair soap.

Condish: Iīve tried almost every brand you can find at DM or Rossmann but compared to the brands sold here they had not much slip and were just not moisturising enough. So now I use the Alterra ( Aloe Vera Granatapfel is protein free) and Alverde hair masks. They are made for straigth hair so no worries about beeing to rich. You can also order from Aubrey Organics (White Camelia is my favorite) they have a german website - but thatīs more expensive.

Leave In: Best for me so far is As I Am wich I ordered at Locken Idol - itīs also protein free.

Styling: cheapest and not drying is Eco Styler (also from Locken Idol) or homemade flaxseed gel.

Oil: try argan oil - I know itīs expensive but I works very well on my hair. Edeka sells it at a reasonable price.

Hope this gives you some ideas

3b - fine - low porosity - low/medium density curls
Pre-poo: Olive and Arganoil with Aloe Vera and Condi
Cleansing: CV BBC/ ACV
Condish: Drug store brands
Leave-In: As I Am, SM
Thickening Growth Milk
Oils: Olive, Argan, Avocado, Grape Seed
Eco Styler Gel