Anyhow..... the good thing about all that is that I've found another gem of a hairdresser who's helped salvage everything, and helped me love my hairstyle again. Gai at Gai's Salon in Lane Cove. She also has curly hair, and really listens to what you want. Her prices are great, and she's a pleasure to sit with.
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Hi Northcurlcurl,

I am interested in this hairdresser you have mentioned at Lane Cove. I just phoned today to ask about getting a cut and how much it would cost, but the voice message said she doesn't work today. Do you know how much she charges for a style cut for curly hair? Does she cut dry?

Last year, I went to Bianca from Glitz & Glam on your recommendation, and that went well. I am the kind of person who gets my hair cut maybe once a year, so I haven't been back yet. It is nearly 9 months since I had my hair cut and it really needs a re-shaping. I was going to go back to Bianca, but saw that her prices have increased since I first went (now $55 for a curly cut). So I was wondering how Gai's prices compare with that?

The other thing that interested me is that you said that Gai has curly hair. Does she wear it curly? I'm just wondering, because when I went to Bianca, her hair was straight and she told me she'd had a keratin treatment (if I remember correctly), so she doesn't wear her hair curly. It is probably not that important, but just something in the back of my mind because people often tell you that a sign of a good hairdresser for curly hair is one that has curly hair herself and wears it curly.

Thanks for your help!