Hi benben

I'm glad to hear you found Bianca good for cutting hair. I know what you mean though - and agree pretty much - that the sign of a true curly hair champion is one who wears it naturally curly herself.

To answer your question, yes Gai does wear hers natural, she has chin length wavy hair coloured copper- Meg Ryans degree of waviness. Being Lane Cove, her clientelle are mainly older ladies. Also being Lane Cove, her price is around $60 for a wash and cut, and no she doesn't cut it dry unfortunately. However having said that, I seem to remember when I first visited her for a light basic trim (around the back) I specifically washed it that morning and asked her to trim it dry - she did but she didn't cut it curl by curl but rather combed it first, so it came out frizzy - and I think the rate was around $30 for a dry trim, but please don't quote me on that. Best to phone her?
However I found that because she listened really carefully, and is aware of springback factor, generally I walked out with a decent cut, she didn't take too much off, and certainly didn't thin out my 3B curls. In fact, it was her that fixed up the disastrous cut from Orla Quinlan's months ago. So I feel she is 'in tune' with curls, and for me this is enough at the moment. However yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect 3B hairdresser curly champion stylist, who knows how to cut dry.

I hope this helps, and let me know what you find :-)