It's great that you're getting compliments, but that lady should not have yanked your hair like that. o_0;;

This happened to me when I was relaxed, it wasn't a female it was a male. He asked if my hair was real. I turned around, we were on a bus, and said yes, and turned back around. He then proceeded to yank my hair out of my head, I guess he didn't believe me. I turned around after yelling 'ouch', and glared at him. I was so mad I couldn't even say anything. He cowered in his seat and mumbled that he was sorry. It sounded like he was about to cry and he still had my hair in his hand.
People need to know it's not cool to touch people's hair without permission, let alone yank on it. No manners, I'm telling yah =w=;;

Good for you! I don't like people touching my body without me inviting it either

I just had a thought
The next time someone grabs your hair, reach out and start fondling her breasts simultaneously
If she slaps you, slap her back

I can imagine that scene. "She touched my boobs"
"well she fondled my hair"
"Arrest this woman"
"Arrest her first!"
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Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard :'D