Name some makeup, skin or nail products you regret buying.

After I tried a Revlon mascara that I adored, I decided to buy a lip liner & matching stick and their Photo Ready Primer. I have no complaints with the color, formula or application of the lip products but I am allergic to them. They set my lips on fire. The primer did not want to blend, was patchy, caked, and turned stark white on/in any fine line, scars or pores. It made everything look 10 times worse and it took a spatula to get foundation on over it.

Palladio Herbal Crayon Shadow & Liner sticks from Sally's. i tried this companies clear brow gel and liked it. The shadow sticks crumble, break and fall apart and down in the tube during application.

I completely forgot about the Hard Candy concealer palette I picked up on sale at Walmart until after I commented in a thread about concealing. Awful! Should have known by the price. It had 6 shades of concealers and correctors and none would blend or cover.

Crackle nail polish. All of it. I bought a few bottles when it first came out and a couple more on sale. I used one.

Some of the Estee Lauder Pure Color paint pots. Eeeh. I don't have a big problem with things creasing on my eyes, especially when it comes to cream shadows, but some of these were hideous. The silver looks like crackle nail polish. It's a shame too. It's beautiful.

The Clinique loose powder that is supposed to cover and counter act redness. It's the yellow powder that is recommended for Rosacea. I have no idea how. Nah, I am sure it works well for some but since I have pink undertones I easily go red if I am having a sensitive moment. All I can say about that powder is blow torch to the face. I had a horrific reaction 4 years ago. I still remember it well.

Makeup remover wipes. All of them sting my face except for the Dollar Store brand but I still don't like the way my face feels after. They are great for spot cleaning makeup brushes, though.

Other than those... Several drug store mascaras that I did not care for from just about every brand. I only love one, and kind of like 2. They just don't give me the lash look I love.
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