^ I missed that. I'll have to look at it sometime soon.

I have a lipstick rant with visual aids that may require two posts.

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Really, unless it's Halloween or a rave (and you have time travelled to the 90's... Quit it!
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Some of the purple lipsticks (which are super trendy right now) get on my last nerve. I want to snatch the persons lips off and throw them, because I care. I also can not stand some of the "nudes" aka death by Creamsicle.

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They are so flat it's not even funny. I do love some of the purple shades with added depth (by ombre or different colors added in the center) or the ones that are deeper colors.

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^ I like that a little better when another shade is added that blends them a touch more but it's still cool and not the dark liner all around with light lipstick.

I love violets, plums, etc... So many beautiful shades but lavender is not one of them. I keep seeing so many girls in tutorials that constantly wear obnoxious pinks and purples.
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Hahaha! Your post is funny but I must say I dont agree. I love all of the colors you posted! I wish I could get away with wearing them all anytime of day. To each their own