Older thread, I know, but still a good question. I've just started using primer in the last year or two. I have always moisturized before hand but some of my current foundations work much better when primed. I tried the Hard Candy primer first and will say it is not bad. I read it was a dupe for a few of the more expensive primers. After moving on to others, I had to move it from good to not bad. It is a clear, straight silicone, type of primer and not my favorite feel. After that I tried the pink toned Revlon Photoready, and hated it. Gunky yet dry, and settles in or on everything and turns stark white. Next was the Laura Mercier. It is a creamy primer that blends in clear. Wonderful but I was accidentally given the one with sunscreen in it, and didn't make the drive back to return in time. Sometimes we do not get along, and the SPF is the culprit. Most recently I bought Benefit's The PORE-fessional, and Chanel's Base (something something in French) *Le Blanc De Chanel, Sheer illuminating Base* The Benefits is light beige or buff toned primer that has a creamy and slippery feel. It is by far my favorite all over primer. The Chanel is a light white thin liquid that is great to mix in with thicker foundations and thin them out a touch. It works better than water or some lotions did when I tried it. They apply much better and do not cake. The two have now will last for some time, and I think they do make a good difference. It just depends on your foundations. Some work better on naked skin or with moisturizer.
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