Coastal Scents 6 contour blush palette.
Oí, I really should have known better than to buy a contour palette online, sight unseen. Online the colors appeared cool toned, and I have had luck with the Hot Pot eyeshadows. Well, the colors aren't cool at all! Every single shade is too warm for my complexion. Additionally, the whole palette is made of a dry, powdery formula that crumbles easily and somehow manages to fade from skin in a heartbeat, despite being almost un-blendable. I ended up giving the palette to my daughters to use when they play dress-up.
Fine, low porosity, med density, normal elasticity.
Dislikes: Aloe by itself, cheap gels, and heavy butters
Co-wash: CJ Daily Fix
Condish: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening
LI: Curlsmith Oil-in-Cream
Stylers: CJ Curl Queen, Flaxseed gel, Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic.
PT: CJ Repair Me or IA Girls PT w/ mag. sulfate,
DT: CJ Rehab and Righteous Roots Hair Rx or Pre-poo oil.