I don't know why but I am almost always regretful with drugstore cosmetics. They don't go on smooth, they don't last, and in general I never feel the results I read about in articles and blogs. It's been this way since I was young. My best friend used to say when she did my makeup "Why does makeup like run away from your face?" I almost never have that experience with high end (plus you can always try before you buy with those.) Then I'll try to "save money" and by 42 drugstore products I hate. It's almost no fail this will happen.
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That has been my experience over the last several years, with some exceptions. I think many brands are getting somewhat better. At least several have more selections in undertones and shades when it comes to foundations. It seemed like the majority of brands had yellow undertones when I was younger, which was a problem for me. You still have to guess with their shades though. By the time you buy the only one that looks like a close match, discover it doesn't work and have to buy another shade to mix with it you could have gone to a counter, been color matched, and paid close to the same thing. It might be a little higher but it's less hassle.

I love the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows (which I keep saying) They glide on well for me and do not crease. I like some of their cream blushes, the cream eyeliner pots and the MNY Whisper Lipsticks. I really do not even bother with a lot of drug store powder products. I will sometimes do a Physicians Formula Bronzer with pretty good luck. I find most other powder products to be cakey, clumpy, dry, etc.
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