If I happen to get one that ends up being too dark or not the right tone I will do it too. Or even with some of the deeper colors I love. I've got to be in a mood to wear straight deep plum colors or things of that nature. If I want ease it up I do a good stain with it and put a lighter color over it. It does help.

CP, I was just looking at NARS Laguna. I know I have heard people mention it for fair skin but that one would be too dark for me, and too shimmery. I rarely do a shimmery bronzer. I was looking at it compared to others that are recommended for fair ladies who end up looking dirty.

Benefit Hoola is raved about but it would be too dark and muddy for me too

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(^ It beside the NARS)

I know several fair ladies here use the Too Faced (Milk) Chocolate Soleil.

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Very nice. I can't find it in stock. I just picked up Physicians Formula How To Bronze

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It's very light, especially when you use a soft hand, and has the super light like TF. You can use that part alone, mix a touch of the other in... Whatever you need to do. It's fairly matte as well. I have been using a different technique to apply. I run it right below my hair line, following the natural curves, and then take a clean brush and blend it down my forehead. It gives the face a glowing look.
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