I also get that question as well, then the follow up question "how do you get it to curl like that?".
I am a person who likes my space and does not like being touched by strangers or without consent. I have batted away many hands that have tried to touch/yank my hair, then the people stare at me as if I'm the rude one.
If i don't batt hands away physically, I say "Please don't touch my hair" in a polite but firm tone, and they still look offended. It's an eye-roller really.
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I find it more than a little strange that people assume that just because your hair is curly you had to do something (like perm, weave, etc.) to get it that way. That's why when I spread my curly love I also start by saying they have beautiful hair then after they say thank you, I say as a fellow curly I like to compliment others and it leads to good conversation. As for touching my hair, I'm not going to get bent out of shape if a female does it but a guy doing it more than creeps me out.
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"Curls aren't just for girls"