RULES of the challenge:

  1. Make sure you take a healthy diet with lots of water
  2. No or minimal heat styling (at most once a month)
  3. No harsh chemical treatments (relaxer overlap, overlapping color treatments or color with perm, etc)
  4. No excessive hair trimming (at most 3 times per year)
  5. No fine-toothed combs or brushes
  6. Low manipulation as much as possible
Those who join the challenge can choose to commit to some or to ALL of the rules as suits them best.

And here are some suggested sub-challenges that we can choose from every 2 months:

  1. Satin or silk scarf or pillowcase for night time
  2. Finger detangling. No popping/tearing hair with combs and brushes
  3. Baggying
  4. Greenhouse effect
  5. Inversion
  6. Castor oil scalp stimulation
  7. Henna
  8. Got anything else in mind?

Everybody who joins the challenge should state the following: (just answer as many as you can )

[*]Techniques and products you will use to keep your hair strong and moisturized. For example:
  • DC (what with? How often?)
  • PT (what with? How often?)
  • Leave in product
  • LOC method?
  • Others (plz specify)
Originally Posted by MaraHanna
I can commit to all the rules but #2 and #5. I do use my diffuser a few times each week, but I put it on a low setting and use cool. I also use a fine tooth comb through my hair to set curls, but I don't use it as a regular comb.

  1. Curl type: 3a
  2. Strand thickness: Thin to medium
  3. Porosity: Normal-low
  4. Current length (including a photo if possible): grazing my shoulders
  5. The length I aim for: Midway down my back
  6. The challenge rules that I commit to: (plz pick from the blue list above) (see above)

[*]Other techniques I intend to use for hair growth and retention. For example:
  • Protective styling: braiding, bunning, etc: I'll probably braid as it gets longer.
  • No poo/low poo/co-washing: I have been co-washing for years.
  • Regular scalp massage (what with?): I scalp massage with a large pick comb and my fingers.
  • Vitamins and supplements (plz specify): I take such a gamut, it would be a lot to list!
  • Other techniques (plz specify)