Hello everyone,

I prepared some of this on Saturday, while I had my hair up with lots of coconut oil on the ends and some amla and shikakai (need to use up what I have).

My question is: is there any reason why it has to be with boiled water?

I am asking, because I would get the same consistency if I was just letting the seeds soak overnight.

As for the results, I must say I liked it (maybe I will need more gel in the future) but I will keep experimenting

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That's what I do. I pour hot, purified or distilled water that I buy over the seeds and then let it sit for 3 or 4 hours. I then strain using a regular mesh strainer, and then once again, using one of those permanent coffee filters. I then mix in my additives, pour it into a spray bottle, and I'm good to go for the week with much less fuss and muss. I've also made the regular gel, but this works just the same for me, probably because my hair is so porous.
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Thanks for letting me know... I finally (two weeks ago) found out my hair is porous and this might help ... I cannot style it yet... (still learning).... I get nice waves on wash day... but they don't last... and I would like to keep the shape for as long as possible...

I need to get back on track and prepare some of this and give it another try...