Looking good everyone!

I'm slowly getting back into running, getting more consistent with yoga, and helping my sister train for her first 5k! I'm finally feeling normal exercise wise!

Though that's not the point of coming to post, lols. Yesterday was hot and I thought I'd try turning two sections into one ponytail to see if I had gained enough length during my workout. I CAN DO IT, yay with just one tiny hunk of my tight curls by my ear and tendrils at my nape which look fine. I'll still have to see if it works on hair that doesn't desperately need washing though- I hadn't washed since Friday so it was a bit gunky. I'll try it maybe tomorrow or Friday since I pre-pooed last night and I'm washing today.

I guess I also technically need to readdress my goal length of a curly ponytail. I'd like to have enough length to have a longer ponytail (in one section), and enough to make a bun/topknot.

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