I like them all

No matter how hard I think about it, I can not recall a time in my childhood where a boy was being bossy and he was called a leader. I can't remember anyone being called a leader unless we had an assigned leader of whatever group or team, and that was rare. A general proclamation of leadership skills while walking in the head of the lunch line.... NO. I also remember both boys and girls being called bossy when they were being bossy. Not showing great potential but showing their a**. Shut up! You can't say that, only I can. You have to stand here, stupid. Arrange my crayons by color! We can only play what I want to play! You'll do it my way or I won't invite you to my party!

I do recall a girl 5 years older than me holding me captive on the play ground, trying to force me to break up with my boyfriend. I was 5, she was 10. She grabbed me, put me in her lap on the swing, got a big smile and acted like she was being nice and cuddly. She was telling me that she would not let me go, I would miss my bus and get in trouble, she would make my life hell and no one would believe me if I told the truth. I told her she was full of isht, mean, stupid, kind of funny and called her bluff until my bus came and she let me go. I also swung my legs and kicked her in the shins with my hard bottom white dressy shoes the whole time. Was she showing potential for excellent negotiation skills? Same mmmmmmm... that took up a collection for my best friend a few years later because she wore the same blue jeans a few times a week, and being poor was too depressing to look at. What a talent she had for fundraising. She got jumped that day. Not the first 7th or 8th grader we took down on the play ground. We did the same to the guy who stole our lunch money. Future investment banker in the making? No. Neither had any potential what so ever.

That's not saying kids do not get jealous when someone shows talent, and react negatively. They can and they do, boys and girls.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??