It also depends on what you are learning. My elementary & high school chorus teacher (same guy) started teaching us songs in Latin & German when we got into HS. It was a very involved process the first couple of times, and he was a perfectionist. We had to get the pronunciations down along with patterns in the song. He started teaching us to read sheet music in 6th grade, and refreshed for the new additions in 9th, so that was not very difficult for most. You just have different timing to contend with and Germans are incredibly fond of multiple crescendos & decrescendos. So much fun to learn and sing, though. Other chorus groups were singing songs from Disney movies and we were leaving them in the dust. Until he left and his assistant took over. That was the first year we did not win first place. She gave us Disney and country songs which were a slow death at that point.


My co worker is so f**ked up. She went to the beach in Georgia recently and witnessed 2 pedestrians get hit by a vehicle. She took a bunch of pictures and has been showing them to everyone. She was standing right above a person who was hit by a truck, flung into a parking lot, and had multiple open breaks in the leg... snapping away. Meanwhile the friend was deceased in the road and she was taking pics of that too. They did help the person who lived and stayed until EMS got on scene, but still... Why? She showed me the pictures and I was looking at her like WTF is wrong with you and so many other people? I'm not grossed out by exposed bones or a body. I'm grossed out by the disconnect that happens in peoples brains because they have a camera in their phone. To top it all off, it was Mrs. Is that bad? Was I wrong? Yes, dumb ass. Yes.

I love it when people use the excuse that they thought it might be helpful. I saw that several times in discussions about the woman who drove herself & children into the ocean recently. So many people were standing around snapping pic's and filming. Happy to watch kids die, and get footage, because they are helpful like that.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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