I can't believe people are still writing "Defending Sansa Stark" pieces based on the never ending Game of Feminist Thrones, I Spy Edition. Anytime you see someone saying negatives about a female character, blame it on women haters/sexism and blog. Just realize you are reading reactions as someone watches the show. When Sansa was first introduced, she was a complete and total brat. Everyone could agree on that. She turned on her family, and sided with pure evil, more than once. That garnered reactions. I do not see Sansa as some window into how society perceives girly girls. I could care less if she played with dolls and just wanted to marry, but I don't expect viewers to excuse her completely because of it. I have never gotten the impression that Sansa is the most hated character. Oh no. Not even close, and 90% of my friends watch GoT and talk about it. She was disliked, got her in way over her head, but she has been forced to mature since having to sink or swim with the big sharks. She is coming along swimmingly.

I don't know about you, but I do not automatically conclude that people are speaking about all women when they watch they show and fuss about a character. That is a bit of a leap. Now actors receiving hate because their character is questionable is complete bull isht, and sadly a common now. They are doing their job if playing a complete and total ass to perfection. They deserve a round of applause when their character does not.

(I sometimes wonder if people have lost all ability to seperate reality from fiction)
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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