Add Emu oil ($$$$expensive) to the list of oils Im sensitive to. Had shingles, earlier this yr. Heard it was good for scarring(on my face, around temple,forehead,eyelid) broke me out in the worst cystic acne(Im in 60;s,with facial skin on the oily /combo side.But I haave to say is a great dermo driver for other ingredients like pain relievers,rubs. And an excellant moisturizer if you are not sensitive like me. The only oils I've found I could tolerate,olive, and palm, maybe camelia oil.and prob mineral, but dont use.
3a/2a/spirals ultraF-i/ii,med/hi porosity,med/elasticity,colortreated/grey[LIST][*][U]Cowash[/C.J. daily fix,, Condish Peter Lamas volumizing(rice protein) mixed w CJ smoothing,orGiovanni 50/50,or Eulasense balanced moisture. Leaveins,KCKT,KomazaCalifia,GDLIStylers:FSG,*, KCCC&BRHG, CJ CIAB.mixed w Pattern Pusha.FOTE on dry. SOTC :1 drop meadowfoam oil.DT:biolageCB or curl rehab over megatek,CJ repair me.