I wonder if someone could educate me a little on some conditioners I bought to try as co washes. I know I should just try them but it would help me if I knew if you thought they were right for me. Products I bought were YTC Pampering conditioner and Giovanni 2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil condit. And I'll tell you I am a PJ but I am ok with that, I have always liked to alternate between products that are working well.

I have 3a hair, coarse but thin hair with dyed ends that appear healthy but since they are dyed, there is obviously some damage. I have used Deva no poo and one c and they are ok, not great. I do like vo5 kiwi lime condition but suave coconut looks dull,coated. One time I tried SM coconut hibiscus poo/condish and it was such a greasy mess, I had to immediately wash with Deva no poo.

Is that enough info to tell me (based on the ingredients) iof the 2 products above are ok for me? I know, just use them but it can sometimes take several uses before I know a product is really bad for me. I am not good with the science part of CG and so many of you guys are