I haven't perfect my routine yet, but this is what have made it possible for me to have doable second day hair at least, even though it is still more frizzy:

* More of my Garnier Repons Conditioner. It's the only conditioner I have that currently works as a leave-in. I'm really considering trying to seal with oil though, as I think it is te oil and butter in this conditioner that makes the magic happen, and I might well need more of that. So, sealing I think will be good.
* Gel. Like a lot of it. I'm currently adding about 1 dl minimum of flax seed gel everytime I wash my hair. Yes, that much. With some honey in for extra hold. And then hard-old gel on top. I essentially bath my hair in gel. But, mostly flax seed gel as it is easier to apply without frizzing up my hair.
* Partially rewetting every other to every morning. Wet hands, "hug" the hair, until it's wet on the outside to re-active the gel and then scrunch up some curls. Fingercurls are amazing to deal with the worst extra frizz on the outer layer.

(The good part with huge amounts of gel, if it looks bad, just hit a bathroom, wet your hands and finger-curl the worst parts. Takes a minute or two and make wonders, and no need to bring any product with you either)
CG since 8th of September 2013 - learning in progress!

3a/m/iii - waist length wet
Cleanser: Naturelle Volumizing
Conditioner/LI: Garnier Respons Avocadooil and Shea Butter, Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Conditioner
Styling: Eldorado Hairgel Strong