Nothing 'wrong' with it morally, I think. However, its messy and whats the rush anyway? I believe the penis will still be in working order in six days.
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For me it is not “rushing” but falls in line with what Amerasiancurls said:

And I don't know about anyone else, but during that time, I get aroused very easily and things are more sensitive
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I totally agree with her.

Besides, I have a *very* light 2-3 day period since day I started menstruating at 14 years old. I do not get cramps or discomfort and it does not get “messy.” Besides the obvious, the only time I know that I am on my period is that I get extremely aroused. I may be one of the lucky few in this respect.

Also, I read that it is good for your health to orgasm during menstruation (posted quote on other “period” thread). So, I also do it for my health.

Totally understand why others would not do it. At first, I thought it was because of religious/health reasons (which I understand), the messy aspect (understand), or people thought periods were gross/dirty/embarrassing (cannot comprehend because it is natural and there is a thing called a shower...but to each her own).

However, from some of the responses it looks like some of you have heavy flows that last for days. I can see why/how it could get messy/uncomfortable…..I consider myself lucky (and so does my SO ).
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