I just found out that I also have Johnson's baby oil!

But next to paraffinum liquidum (aka MO) and parfum, it also contains the ester isopropyl palmitate.

What are your experiences with that ester compound? Can it cause more buildup than MO? (I don't strictly co-wash, cuz I clarify with sodium coco sulfate shampoo when needed)
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lol Sheilacurl! I just posted about isopropyl palmitate in the porous curlies thread, but I'll paste a portion of it over here...

I'm undecided as to whether isopropyl palmitate would be beneficial for porous curls, but I don't think it would be harmful in and of itself. It is an ester of isopropyl alcohol and palmitic acid, however unlike cetyl esters (a waxy ingredient), isopropyl palmitate is a liquid. It is non-water soluble, and is also comedogenic (potentially pore clogging if used on skin). This webpage is on a site whose "expert" is an herbalist, not a cosmetologist, but it has some good information. Additionally, according to tightlycurly.com's ingredients dictionary (and Paula Begoun's website), it's an OK ingredient to use. It does have anti-static and emollient properties. I don't think I'd rule out using a product simply because it contains isopropyl palmitate.

@Fimu - I haven't personally used anything on my hair that had isopropyl palmitate, so I can't give you personal experience on it. However, as I mentioned to KAZenner1990 in the other thread, if you've done overnight oil dt's (such as coconut oil) that you could handle with cowashing, I don't think I'd be concerned about using a few drops of mineral oil (with or without isopropyl palmitate) to seal your hair. If you need a low poo to remove overnight oil dt's, then I still might not be concerned about a few drops as LI, I'd just watch for signs of buildup or dryness and low poo as needed. If "as needed" (for your hair) ends up meaning "every wash" when using mineral oil to seal, you might consider that to be excessive lowpooing, in which case, you might want to choose a different oil to seal. Keep in mind that because mineral oil is completely non-penetrating, you may get unwanted greasy /limp looking hair if you add more of it on second day hair (and beyond).

If you're worried about the additives in Johnson's baby oil, you can ask a pharmacist for mineral oil. The pure sort with no additives can be taken orally, in which case it functions as a laxative.
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