Perth Curlies--let's stick together!

I'm about a year late to this thread, but just thought I would share my findings (hours worth of research, let's be honest) on finding curly cuts and curly hair products in Perth (Western Australia).

I have only lived in Perth 6 months and am from the U.S., so you can imagine my frustration at the lack of products and stylists available to those of us with wavy/curly hair here in Perth.

Devacurl Products:

Strawberrynet sells the basic Devacurl products (the Deva 3-Step) and some limited styling products. They provide free shipping oftentimes as well.

However, Strawberrynet does not sell all Devacurl styling products and none of the tools (the microfiber towel, clips, diffuser, etc.)

Devacurl + Tons of Other Curly Hair Products:

Yes, I'm posting on CurlTalk, but NaturallyCurly's "CurlMart" will ship to Australia and the CurlMart stocks a variety of products.

Downside? Shipping costs about as much as the products themselves.

Jessicurl also ships to Australia, but again you're looking at a hefty shipping fee.

Curly Cuts?

I have had NO luck finding someone who is trained to cut curly or wavy hair in Perth. I am going to make an appointment to try Toni & Guy in Subiaco in the next couple of weeks. This salon was recommended to me by a friend who has wavy, thick hair that she can scrunch curl. She said the stylist scrunch curls her hair as well.

I will post an update once I visit this salon.

[B][U]Please provide your feedback and updates!

If you find a curly trained stylist in Perth or a place that ships curly hair products to Perth for less (better yet, an actual physical retailer) please let me know! I'm interested in any feedback or updates!