The hair is "dead" in the sense that it doesn't have nerves or a blood supply and it cannot regenerate itself but it certainly is VERY reactive to everything in the environment and even what's going on in our bodies, even stress. Minerals secreted by our sweat glands deposit on it and can be detected through analysis, and so can many medications which can change the way it reacts to all chemical processes and even how it behaves.
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I agree. I would think that hair reacts to what is going on inside our bodies, such as stress and medications. I know I personally have gotten a bald spot which was attributed to stress.

But I am curious and have a question. Do you think that medications, etc. can change the way the old hair on our head behaves? I could see how medication, etc. could change what's going on with the hair that is still developing inside our bodies, but it seems once the hair "sprouts" and gets longer, the stuff we put on the inside of our bodies would no longer change the way our hair behaves.

For example, I can't see how taking vitamins could possibly help the hair on my head that is already six inches long. Similarly, I don't see how taking some other type of medication could worsen the hair on my head that is already six inches long (except if it were to fall out completely).

I hope my question makes sense? I feel I'm rambling.
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When I was in beauty school studying permanent waving I learned that they will often not "take" or the hair could get damaged on women who are on certain medications. Very often their hair could give off a strong odor which means the chemicals in the hair are reacting with those in the perm solution.

You see, when we take medications they are broken down by our liver into metabolites that can easily be excreted out of the body; the main route is through our kidneys but as we all learned in school toxins are also excreted from out body through our sweat glands. We don't even need to perspire profusely in order to end up with a bit of residue traveling down the shaft where it's absorbed and stored in the cortex.
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