- The initial part of finding the right products. But once you do, it's fabulous.

- The strain of accepting that you may need to modify it to your own hair's needs. At first it may feel like you're breaking *the* rules but you have to realize that it's all about what your hair needs, not what anyone else thinks it should.

- Explaining it to other people. People are bound to ask what you're doing differently to make your hair so lovely. You end up coming up with an explaination that doesn't start with "well, I don't shampoo" because that freaks most people out. Finding the right way to explain it takes some time.

- Once again, finding the right products/routine.

- Eventually, overconditioning. Realizing that your hair may not need that much moisture anymore. Then finding the right products again. :P

- Controlling your inner product junkie once you do find the right products!!

- Finding the right clarifier without resorting to sulfates. (Go ACV and sulfate free 'poo (etc) before you go back to sulfates!!!! Learn to "wash" just your scalp. There's a definite learning curve there but you'll get it eventually. It's a miracle once you do. That one thing can make or break it.)

The pros are totally worth the cons though.
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