Please don't feel stupid, I think those of us who are a bit adventuresome get into a pickle from time to time, and although maybe it's not the best way to learn it's a very effective one right?

On the positive side, this is a great time for you to experiment with all kinds of new things such as different types of nourishing oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba, shea butter, etc. which work best when applied on damp hair. I know Ouidad is sort of anti-oil but trust me, if we didn't need any we wouldn't produce sebum.

There are also natural (and not-so-natural) recipes that abound here and all over the "Net" so you can have some fun trying them out without having to spend gobs of money. If you find that putting molasses or honey directly on your hair is too messy for you, consider adding some (a tablespoon would be enough) to your regular DT and just keep it on your covered head for 1/2 an hour. Also consider putting pure aloe vera gel on your hair (the edible kind sold in health food stores), maybe mixed with an oil and leave it on your hair overnight, it has a very softening effect that may help even out your curls a bit.

If you shampoo, dilute it before using so it will be less drying and if you're only using Ouidad's conditioner as a staple now I recommend that you alternate it with a less pricey yet more moisturizing one so you can give your dry hair more rounded care. And when you rinse it out try leaving some of it in.

Please keep us posted about your progress, I'm sure that if you're diligent in giving your hair TLC you will get results very soon!
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