I think gray hair on younger people can be very striking. On some of us it can look very drab however - like so many things it depends on the individual. I think it's particularly important for you to get a chic and stylish haircut if you're going gray.
You ask what others would have done in your position. I'm one of those people who look mousy with gray hair. I wouldn't have felt great about my appearance if I was gray at your age. But I have a dear friend who went gray when quite young and on her it has always looked stunning, because of her coloring and because she carries herself with confidence. Even so, she has gone through periods when she colored her hair because she wanted to try a different look.
It's not surprising that you seem ambivalent about going gray - our society generally disdains signs of aging! Maybe go easier on yourself - if you want to give it a try, do it. But don't beat yourself up if you decide you're not comfortable with it and want to color your hair. Good luck!
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