I HIGHLY recommend the silver sisters gray cafe board. Google Silver Sisters Gray Cafe and the message board will come up. I frequent this board for curly hair info (I do have the CG book too) but I can not do without the support from the silver sisters. I mean look at my avi, where else can you post a progress pic and be told you look beautiful (with a head full of two toned hair!
My background story is that I am now 67 but my natural dark brown hair started getting its first gray strands at 24 also. I dyed it but could tell I was completely gray by 30. Continued to dye it all these years. But hey, I am now really old enough to have gray hair so it is (too slowly) growing in. If you continue to dye, you have to do it every 2 weeks, it never really looks good and mine was beginning to fall out and get thinner. There are a good number of people that develop an allergy to PPD that is in hair color and in some cases has led to death.
Come to Cafe Gray and get the support to learn to accept your gray hair to be you!
Have to say tho rbb, that your siggy line pic is an inspiration to me too, would love to see you post that pic on Cafe Gray and wow the group.

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