I did a henna treatment twice this week and I noticed the curls in the front of my head are extremely loose. I was a 3c in the front now the curl is more of a 3b. My 4a sections are more elongated. I'm wondering if I do another henna treatment next week, if my curls would be come even more loose? I don't want drastically loose curls. Not what I'm looking for.
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Some curlies have said that they notice curl loosening with henna because it attaches not only to the core of the hair to make it stronger from within but also "coats" the cuticle of the hair. This can make it heavier which is why some notice curl loosening (the curls hang more). You might experience more curl loosening with frequent use. If you can get your hands on Amla you might want to try that as it is said to help give bounce to curly hair and some who have experienced curl loosening with henna have said amla has helped give bounce to their curls (it is not always guaranteed).
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