Been searching since June of 2005. It's been the worst experience of my life.
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I feel your pain. I was pretty much without regular work from May 2001 until August 2003. I was doing some contract work on and off but nothing regular at all.

In some ways, of course, it was horrible and terrifying. In other ways, it really took hold of me and forced me to shake loose of some stuff I had been holding on to too tightly.

I also met my husband while I was unemployed. He didn't care that I was unemployed, although at that exact point in time I was feeling like a schlub about it.

tantrum, good luck. Maybe, if it isn't too personal to you, you could post what you're looking for and where. You never know who you might "meet" on this board.
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Thanks for the good wishes. ResumeWriter has helped me tremendously, and others have given good tips, but I don't think there's much that can be done for me. I'm in a stagnant area of the country for jobs, and I have few marketable skills.
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Okay, let me tell you my story!!!!

Ever since high school, I had always kept busy, with jobs, internships, lots of writing stuff, etc.

When I graduated college, I had what I thought was a great resume for somebody my age, and was really confident.

It took me two years to find my first full-time job after graduation!

I probably went on about 100 interviews, had some awful interviews (of course) and in the beginning was CLUELESS about what to say, etc...then got the knack of it and had some interviews where I walked out singing in the streets (sorta...)

I watched MANY of my high school and college friends get jobs with the FIRST interview they went on.

I also had a mother who criticized absolutely everything about me, saying it was MY fault I didn't have a job, while when my sister was interviewing for teaching jobs, but every time SHE didn't get a job, my mom grumbled that the principal's daughter must have gotten it instead!

I would completely obsess over what went wrong, and I actually was pretty depressed for a while. My self esteem was really bruised.

Then I found a job! A job I was so excited about! In my industry! I gave that job my all!

...and I got laid-off a year later...

So, I feel like I am at square one again. The day they told me my job was gone, I was so incredibly depressed, because I just kept thinking, "I cannot do this again!" But you take one step at a time, one resume here and there, and pretty soon, I WAS doing it again and it wasn't as hard.

I feel slightly frustrated because three of my friends from my old office are moving onto other jobs after going on only 1 interview a piece, and I'm the sole one who got laid-off and is still searching a month later!

It's rough! It really really is...but hang in there.