Here is my story:

I got a job out of college out of only two interviews. I worked there for 9 years until I got laid off and at the same time my son was born. That was 5 years ago.
I started looking last summer with absolutely no luck. I had NO IDEA what do do. My resume was not great, my interviews skills were not polished. I looked for 3 months and I only got 1 interview and another one that a friend set up for me. Then I got a job full time just so have some income but its not a career type job at all, you only need HS to work here making a third of what I was making 5 years ago.

After I got the job in September I got lazy and didn't look anymore. I started looking again in January of this year. I've been on 4 interviews but no luck so far. Almost 4 months of looking and no job yet. I've been very good about it, sending out resumes almost every day. My tecnical skills are a bit outdated too, but I am looking for something less technical and I get a lot of "you don't have experience with that".
I am trying to sound more aggressive at interviews and I need to learn to sell myself better.