If I were you, I'd cut off as much of your damaged / thin ends as possible, so you're almost 'starting fresh'.

Then, if straight hair is really what you'd desire, I'd suggest you go and get a chemical straightening treatment done. It's a permanent thing (that obviously you'll need to get done again every 6 months - 1 year, as your roots come through) and would mean you don't have to straighten it every day.

Also, plenty of deep conditioning and coconut oil treatments will help moisture and 'patch' the damage on your hair.
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My mom won't allow me to do that because my hair would fall out if I did that. But my MAIN issue i have here is what to do with my hair. Since it grows out curly, its curly at the top and straight the rest. If I cut the damaged ends and let it grow out, it will still be curly at the top and half straight. The only way I see myself growing my hair out is if I get my curls back. But, since I want my hair to be straight on the daily, I don't see how this would work. I wouldn't mind my hair so much if it didn't grow puffy and outwards more so instead of down like other peoples'. But it doesn't. I want my hair to look like Camila Cabello's (google camila cabello long hair). I just wish my hair would look like that but there is no way. I'm kind of going on a tangent but long story short, I just want advice on what I should do with my hair in this situation!