I gotta tell you, I wish my hair looked like the attached. It doesn't. I struggle wanting curliER hair. Sometimes, you have to work to make your hair the healthiest it can be. It could also be, if you learned some techniques that made your curly hair as healthy as it could be, you'd like it better. And probably, even if you want to straighten it someday, you need to let it come in as healthy as possible so that it can take chemical treatment. ANd THEN when you get it straightened (which you'll be able to do on your own someday) you need to use many of the same techniques you learn keeping your curly hair healthy, to keep your chemically straightened hair in good shape. Keep reading here and around on how to let your hair coming in be its healthiest. By the time you are 18, you will have the hair to work with that *won't* fall out or break off (as long as you go to someone GOOD for a treatment) and you will have the experience to keep it from being too fragile. Mostly likely anyway.