See, the problem with that is I would literally have to shave my head. There wouldn't be any short hair or hair at all. Not only do I not want to do that, my mom would not allow it. My mom is happier with my new hair than I am. I know i'm sounding like a spoiled child ("I don't wanna!"), but that's just how I feel I guess. I guess I'll just leave my hair the way it is if there is no other way to fix it aside from shaving my head. Here is a picture of my hair back in January-February. Ruined Curl Pattern-762.jpg And here is a picture now: Ruined Curl Pattern-photo.jpg You can see it got curlier at the roots and is now looking a mess! I did the egg, mayo and oil mask today for the first time to try it. I don't know if these pics will help at all but here they are!

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