Leaving it down shouldn't be a problem, especially for the new growth. Personally I use aphogee 2-step protein treatment from Sally's once a month and I'm also using kinky curly stellar strands deep conditioner at least once a week. However, I would check the different forums and try to get an idea of your hair properties so you have a better idea of what might work for you. I've never tried the inversion method but 4 inches a week is extremely doubtful. I believe the average hair growth rate is 3/4 inch per month and your hair looks quite long so to completely grow it out would likely take at least one-two years.
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Yeah, I agree that 4 inches a week is quite a stretch. I think I will try it anyway because it won't cause any damage so what is there to lose? I'm also glad that if I had to make this mistake, I made it young. Between the two pictures, which are about 6 months apart, do you think my hair has been curling up or it's just new growth? It could be the protein treatment I did as well but it looks like I have less straight strands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx5Z..._NNnUSlGXi7iBg

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