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Did you like it? It seems most people who were not crazy about The Hunger Games liked this movie based on tw-een books better. I liked the 2nd HG movie and Divergent better than the first Hunger Games. While there is something freaky about a Dystopian Society where they offer sacrifices in the form of games, there is definitely something more freaky about one where you are expected to pick a clique and stay there.

Which lunch table will you eternally sit at?
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Well I think that's kind of the point. I have not seem or read Hunger Games yet and I haven't read Divergent. I really did quite enjoy it. I think there is a lot of stuff missing from the books. Book people rarely like the movies for that reason but I enjoyed it. Having Theo James on it doesn't hurt Most of you will remember him as Mary's big mistake from Downton Abbey.
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I am glad you enjoyed it.

He is a cutie. His eyes remind of my first love. I kept thinking... Aw

That is something that gets people. I usually understand that adapting a novel or book series into 2 hours, or 2 hour sections, is incredibly hard. You sometimes have to cut out a lot and re write scenes to get the same point across on screen and have it flow well. It does not take away from the book. It's still there for you to read at anytime. It's just an alternate version. I get why they make changes when books are adapted for weekly television series too. No matter how much a person may love the books or long to see one of their favorite parts brought to life (we all have those), do you really want to know everything that is coming week after week? It doesn't stay fresh that way.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??