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I'm in India and want to buy the pure one (the red dye) here soon.

But is henna suitable for every kind of hair (strand thickness and porosity)?
And does the color bleed from hair onto your clothes during sweating?

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Hi Fimu,

Oh you will get some great Henna in India Absolutely every kind of hair can use Henna regardless of their hair strand thickness and porosity. The only thing to keep in mind is that it can make the hair feel dry afterwards so you want to do a moisturizing DC after. Some ladies have said with frequent henna use they have noticed curl loosening (it's never happened to me personally). Henna attaches itself to the cuticle and core of the hair and can therefore "weigh down" the hair strands maybe more so for people with really fine hair but like I said my medium/fine hair hasn't loosened so I can not attest to that.

It will not bleed any color just make sure you have rinsed all the henna out of your hair once your done till you don't see or feel any of it in your hair. Henna is permanent, once it's in there it is in there. Hope you enjoy your Henna!
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