I realized this Saturday is also a month since my first date with the guy I'm talking to. It's pretty light, and I'm probably only gonna see him a couple more times until he leaves. Ahh.. It's been fun but a bit frustrating since he confuses me.

Unfortunately at this point I'm playing the game of holding out and not contacting him on purpose until he does.

ETA - nm, I have issues lol. I heard from him yesterday to make plans for the weekend.

In other news, what do you guys do when you're not that interested in someone anymore and they keep contacting you? The tinder guy from months ago still calls or texts occassionally even when I told him I'm not interested in anything right now. He asked if we can still keep in touch and I said yea, but he attempted to try to meet up too soon and then he asked if i wanted to have drinks at his place, I mean really dude.
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As I learned from a male friend of mine, any contact you provide gives them hope. I ignore all contact. I think I mentioned it here, but one guy was up to 11 or 12 ignored text in a row