I'm an Orthodox Jew, and as a married woman, I keep my hair covered. While I have fun with my head coverings, I have a permanent case of hat hair, so I try to let my curls stay free at home (which I'm allowed to do). I wear berets, hats, and scarves, but I don't wear a wig. Here's one reason for that...

I've tried on wigs for fun. Four of them were "traditional" wigs from a professional Jewish wigmaker. All were straight. While one did look pretty on me, they all looked ridiculous because I didn't recognize my own face with the wig on. Then, I went to a beauty supply store and tried on two curly wigs. They were totally synthetic and looked fake, but they looked so much better on me than the more natural wigs.

I was told that while Jewish wigmakers do sometimes make curly wigs, they rarely look natural. Since most of the women who wear wigs want straight hair, it doesn't matter.

I just try to take good care of my curls and I'm proud of them, even if I have to cover them most of the time. And it's not a Jewish thing. Lots of Jews have naturally straight hair, and they're the ones who wish for curls.
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I've lived in an area with a large Orthodox Jewish population for many years. I never thought about it before, and I find that the wigs that Orthodox women wear do tend to be short and straight. I assumed it is because they are supposed to dress modestly outside, and long hair or curly hair gives more of a carefree, relaxed, sexy image.