I'm 100% Russian/Polish Jew, and I fit the stereotype perfectly. I've got dark eyes, dark brown curly hair, a noticeable nose, a small but curvy body...and a rather sizeable behind. (As my best friend likes to say, "Well, you've certainly got badonka in your donk.")

Everyone knows I'm Jewish the second they look at me. I live in a town where 1/3 of the students in my high school are Jewish, so there isn't really any anti-semitism going on. It doesn't bother me at all. I even draw attention to the fact that I've got a "Jew nose," sometimes, because it's funny. All of my friends love my curly hair, but I straighten it sometimes for a change and it's not really a big deal. Occasionally someone who doesn't know me well will do a double-take the first time they see it straightened, but it's been happening for years so I'm used to it.

It's funny, on both sides of my family there are very few curlies. I'd say it's about 10% curly to 90% straightened. Of course, I do have some aunts who tan so much that they almost look African-American. (I wish they'd stop doing that, by the way, they're going to get skin cancer.) Those three aunts have also all had nose jobs. I personally would never do something as drastic as surgery.

I'm not religious. I go to a few holidays to be with my family, but I don't really follow the religion. I am proud of my heritage, though, if that makes sense. I've never felt ashamed of being Jewish, and if anyone ever says anything derogatory to me I'll just (pardon my French) &%$@#! them out. That's because sometimes I have a big mouth. Which I guess goes to show just how Jewish I really am, eh?

Oh, and you know that SNL skit where Jake Gyllenhaal is guest starring and he's getting interviewed by two women from New York? My entire extended family (from Boston and New York) talks like that. It's hysterical.
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omg ditto. haha.
and I love Jake Gyllenhaal and actually saw that and found it hilarious!

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