I've wondered the same thing about silicones and sulfates. Here's my deal, though. If silicones coat/protect your hair and sulfates clean out the silicones, it stands to reason that they would balance each other out. At least, that's how I see it. The 'cones protect your hair from the sulfates which remove them? LOL. Maybe that's why shampoos contain silicones AND sulfates - so it will help protect the hair and still prevent build-up.

I don't know.

I do know this, though. Things I have discovered:

1) My hair likes shampoo
2) My hair did not like a "pure" CG routine - it dried out and frizzed worse than usual
3) My hair likes the cheap no-'cone conditioners (VO5, Suave) better than my GF Curl & Shine conditioner because it curls better
4) My hair doesn't care which gel it uses out of the following: Dep Sport, LA Looks Sport, Got2Be Spiked Up, and HE SMU. (Although, well.. honestly, I think it likes the SMU JUST a bit more.)
5) My hair likes high heat, high speed, bowl-diffusing drying
6) My hair requires hairspray. If I don't use it, my hair gets pissed and attacks my head by being limp.

I have very fine 3A hair!
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