Had the stupidest interview today It was on entertainmentcareers.net and when they called me, I couldn't find much online about the company, but I figured it couldn't hurt to go in.

My interview was at 5:15 (weird) and the lobby was full of people my age in business attire waiting to go in. One would go in...for literally, 90 seconds...come out...next! 90 seconds...come out...next!

So I just told myself, "You're gonna be in there for 90 seconds, it's not you, it's just how they're doing it, don't even worry about it."

The woman asked me three questions (my salary requirements, my goals, and what I have been doing since I wasn't working...well, looking for a job IS my job. And it's only been a month!)

She told me she'll be in touch if she wanted a second interview and dismissed me.

I walked away and smiled sheepishly at the poor souls waiting to go in.


What a waste!!!!!!! I wish I had other interviews today instead of going up to the city just for that!