I thought that I was going to be able to get an unemployment extension. Apparently my state did away with those in 2003. My unemployment will run out the 2nd to last week in June. So if I don't find a job pretty soon it will be back to minimum wage.

When applying for jobs online I can usually predict which companies will call me back. I had an interview today from a place I expected to call me back but took awhile to do so. The guy said he got 200 resumes and read them all, I was one of the 10 that got an interview. Not sure how it went, I guess interviews are awkward but this one felt really awkward. The guy asked a lot of unclear questions. The 80's decor reminded me of my old job that I hated with a passion. *shudder* I'm supposed to write them a letter expressing whether or not I'm still interested. It would help to know what kind of salary they were offering but of course that information wasn't offered.