Interesting! I've noticed that my natural growth is lots more clumpy and less finicky that the relaxed stuff (Only 3 more inches to go!!!!!!) I'll have to try the diffuser.

Amneris and Amarilla, how long does it take you to diffuse? I've been keeping my hair a little shorter as I'm growing out the relaxer (2-3 inches below my ears) but it still seems like it takes for EVER!
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It takes a long time! To dry my hair alternating diffusing and airdrying takes at least 3-4 hours. If I were to diffuse only which I haven't done in a long time it would take probably 1-2 hours, but I have pretty long hair. Squeezing the water out in the microfibre towel speeds it up a bit.
My natural growth is SO much nicer than the relaxed growth - it feels so silky!
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